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Alumni Association Introduction

The SSN Alumni Association is excited to welcome you back to campus! 

Whether you were a member of a club or a shared interest group that may or may no longer exist on campus, we are eager to help you reconnect, rekindle friendships, reminisce about the good old days, and reignite the Spirit of the Y! Let the fun begin.

We hope you enjoy this state-of-the-art Web site designed specifically for the benefit of SSN alumni.
We are well into the Information Age, and the Alumni Association staff understands that you want accurate information on your alma mater and fellow alumni as quickly as possible. That is why we created Alumni Section in our website, to serve you in the most effective way possible. We believe you will find our site to be helpful, informative, and even entertaining.
We are most excited about the online alumni directory and the affinity e-mail addresses. We hope you will take advantage of both. All you need to access this area of the site is your member identification number, which is located on your Alumni Association membership card and the mailing label of The Talon. Make sure you update your information in the directory so your classmates can find you as easily as you can find them.
We are here to serve you and to continue the excellence of Swami Shraddhanand College. If you need anything  please let us know. We will look forward to hearing from you.


Dr. A. Archana


Dr. Namrata

Dr. Provakar Palaka

Dr. Manish Kumar

Dr. Preeti Sacchar