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College Guideline

The proctorial board and anti-ragging committee will promote a healthy atmosphere
and clean environment in the college. It will look into problems of the students and will
have the right to sit for judgment in cases involving breach of discipline. The students
may note that the following aspects of conduct will be regarded as a breach of discipline.

1. Negligence in assigned task and class work.
2. Causing disturbance in classes.
3. Defiance towards teachers or any other college authority.
4. Misconduct in the class, causing damage to the furniture or any college property.

5. Inciting others to create trouble.
6. Shouting and loitering in the college premises.
7. Walking out of the classes without permissions.
8. Smoking in the college premises.
9. Diversion of buses from the recognized routes is a serious offence and will invite
strict disciplinary action including expulsion from the college.
10. Ragging in any form is strictly prohibited in accordance with the Delhi University
Ordinance XV-C, which reads as under :-
• Ragging in any form is strictly prohibited within the premises of the
college and any part of the university system as well as on public transport.
• Any individual or collective act or practice of ragging constitutes gross
indiscipline and shall be dealt with under this ordinance.
• Ragging ordinarily means any act, conduct or practice by which dominant
power or status of senior students is brought to bear on students freshly
enrolled or students who are in any way considered junior or inferior by
other students and includes individual or collective acts or practices which
as follows:
(a) involve physical assault, or threat, or use of physical force.
(b) violate the status, dignity and honour women students.
(c) violate the status, dignity and honour of students belonging to the
scheduled castes and tribes.
(d) expose students to ridicule and contempt that affect their selfesteem.
(e) entail verbal abuse and aggression, indecent gestures and obscene